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How to use: 1nsanek on the mic icon and say open my gmail or tell a joke or show battery usage.......2)* Specific profile: Ever felt the need of having a separate profile while going for office or meeting ?? Rather than manually changing the specific settings such as vibration mode,wifi,Bluetooth etc wouldnt it be nice if you could just save a specific profile once and use it every time!! We removed this android bug by our three default profiles home, office, meeting. more will be added soon..with more features.How to use: 1nsanek on the menu button on your cell and click on Preferences then Profiles and select your desired profile configuration OR simply click mic icon and say activate home/office/meeting profile!3)EMERGENCY feature: Go to Preferences and save a mobile no and a message that you want your saviour to receive when you are in an emergency situation. So whenever you are in an emergency situation just say Emergency, Suzy will automatically send the message on the default no and automatically call on the saved number.4)TYPE AND GO: This is an offline feature, for slow net connection or if you want to type and chat with suzy you can click on menu and then type and go , using this feature you do all the jobs that you can do by speech. How to use: Just type open camera or hello suzy or emergency etc.... 5) INBUILT GOOGLE SEARCH: Any query that Suzy cannot understand or answer will be directly searched on google by your permission.This is Siri pro in the making and its unique features like Preferences and Emergency sets it apart from its competitors like Skyvi,Eva,Jeannie,Assistant,andy,robin.Content rating: Everyone What is Clean Master?Clean Master is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, unused files, privacy history and app packages on android phones. It also kills running tasks and releases RAM to boost your phone and save battery life.Why choose Clean Master?Clean Master is easy and effective. After a comprehensive cleaning, MBs even GBs space will be released for your phone. No superuser permission required.[What is Application Cache Files]Application Cache Files are the temporary files created by applications. For example, while you're using browser, it saves the images as cache files. It's the same for other application and all you need is a rated cache cleaner. Using Clean Master to clear cache files regularly will save phone space and speed up application reaction.[What is Unused Files]After installing an app from market, it's sometimes required to download extra data. However, when you uninstall that app, the data is still there, which makes your available space smaller and smaller. For example, almost all the games from Gameloft require a huge extra data, from 200M to 1GB. But the data would be there even the game uninstalled. Clean Master will save GBs for your phone, after cleaning these unused files.[What is Privacy History]Privacy History is including the history of web browser, Google Play store, Google Maps, 1nsane and clipboard. If you don't want others to know what you were doing, and searching around, Clean Master is definitely the one you need to protect your privacy.[What is 1nsane Packages]App Packages are the .apk files used to install apps. When you download and install apps from markets, updating them on phone, the app packages are becoming more and more, eating the huge space of your phone. However, you should no longer worry about this issue, because Clean Master can find all the app packages on your phone, and clean them for you by an easy tap.[What is Task Killer]The tasks running on background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. The new Task 1nsane arrived on Clean Master. It can kill the unwanted tasks and release more RAM to speed up your android phone. An excellent shortcut is also provided to make the work cannot be easier. Root permission is not necessary, but if Task 1nsane granted root permission, it will perform better.PS: The important system tasks have been whitelisted already, if you notice any problems while using Task Killer, please contact us.Key Features:Clean cache FilesClean unused filesClean privacy historyManage and clean app packagesRemind unused files when app installedKill running tasks/release RAMKW: cache, clean, android, phone, unused, gameloft, apk, privacy, history, cleaner, booster, 1tap boost, task killerRecent changes:1. New Task Killer.2. New shortcut for Task Killer.3. Other bu

That's pretty much all there is to the app. An information icon appears in the right corner that includes developer info, but that's it. The FAQ, Feedback, and Features options took us nowhere. Welcome to the next generation of wake up alarms... Jettison.If you're a heavy sleeper with an acute ability to turn off the alarm while asleep without meaning to, this app is for you.Jettison takes advantage of your iPhone's/iPad's gyroscope to give you a completely button free alarm.When you wake up in the morning simply pick up your phone and Jettison will automatically go into snooze mode. Jettison will detect your movement, determine when your awake, and turn off the alarm... or fire it again if you've fallen back asleep.Jettison will also function as a traditional alarm with a snooze button if you prefer.The app is packed full of other features too, like easy tap screen dimming, a smart snooze timer, lots off alarm tones, and a beautiful space theme. At night the stars of the galaxy will appear, while during the day a beautiful sun will appear to rise.Try Jettison today. It will shoot you out of bed faster than a ballistic rocket. i-Schedule Free opens with a dragon design while you wait for the actual app features to load. From there, you're presented with nine different menu options that all require you to input some kind of information. Going from left to right, the Course option asks you to enter a course name. After that, you have to go to the Classroom option to enter a room name/number. After that, you have to manually input the teacher's name, the class time, the curriculum, assignment, and so on. Thankfully, as you progress, your previous entries pop up in a menu, so you can select them as you add more info on the class. But once you enter all of the information required for one class, there's no way to view all the information on one screen. For example, the Curriculum option shows you the class name, time, room number, teacher name, but you have to jump to the Assignment option to see your homework. It would be nice to view everything on a single page. Nimbuzz connects to AIM, Google Talk, MSN, 1nsane 1nsane and even Facebook, bringing all your friends as near as your pocket. By tapping on a contact, another page appears where you can press buttons to start an audio call or text message. At first glance, it's not obvious which features are available for the contact and we definitely think a redesign of this page would make a good app even better. Still, it just takes a few uses to get the hang of the app and we found it was time well spent. Text messaging is great. We really loved this feature, and it works equally well on every account we tried during our testing. We also loved the fact that Nimbuzz lets you know you received a message by vibrating and chirping. We were also impressed by the voice quality, which was excellent. You can use Nimbuzz to call landlines and mobile phone numbers with its dial pad, but you need to purchase some Nimbuzz credit in order to place a call. The app opens with a large sliding picture and five different menu options at the bottom of the screen. The sliding pictures at the top are very distracting and they take up most of the screen, which is really a waste of valuable space. Instead of squeezing the menu into the bottom of the phone


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